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2nd August 2015

Summer Reading

The summer is a great time to crack open a new book and if you are looking for some new titles to get into you may wish to get hold of Andrew & Rachel Wilson's lastest book 'The Life You Never Expected', a book about surviving and thriving when life does not go as planned.   

Phil Moore continues his 'Straight to the Heart' Bible series with two new  commentaries one on the Gospel of Mark and another on the letters of Hebrews and James. Other titles in the series include: Psalms, John, Matthew, Moses, Romans, Galatians to Colossians and Acts. He has also just released 'Jesus Right Where You Want Him' which gives Jesus' answers to your big questions in only 123 pages, including 'How Can a Loving God Allow So Much Suffering?, 'Isn't the Bible Full of Myths and Contradictions?, and 'Hasn't Evolution Disproved God?'.

The summer is also great time to choose a book from the Bible to enjoy and chew on for a month, maybe for you it would be Ephesians, or Psalms or John, maybe Acts, Isaiah or 1 Peter?  Why not chose to devour one biblical book this August to read through and reflect on, to seek to master it and let it master you?       

Cliff Nelson

Posted by Cliff Nelson