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4th July 2016

New Ground Leadership Conference 2016

The New Ground Leadership Conference takes place every two years, and from Thursday 23 June to Saturday 25 June, 450 leaders from New Ground churches around Europe gathered at the King's Church Mid-Sussex in Burgess Hill.  As most of the conference occurred just after Britain voted to leave the European Union, it seemed an apt and timely moment for believers representing churches in England, Scotland, Romania, France, and the Netherlands to fix our eyes on Jesus to worship Him and to receive continued encouragement to plant and build strong grace filled and faith filled churches that would have powerful gospel impact across Europe.

The conference teaching both in the main sessions and seminars was faith building, encouraging and challenging.  Dave Holden, who leads the New Ground family of churches, spoke from Romans 4 on 'Faith is Being Fully Persuaded'. Tope Koleoso speaking on 'Call', 'The Spirit Filled Church', and a practical seminar on 'Cultural diversity in the local church' were the highlights of the conference.
Do go to newgroundchurches.org to hear these talks.  Others I would highly recommend include: Andrew & Rachel Wilson on 'Pastoring Through Disappointment', Belinda March on 'Faith for Breakthrough' for working with people with mental health issues, and also Kieran Dunne on 'Evangelism for Cowards'.            

Cliff Nelson

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2nd July 2014

Radical Mission

450 leaders from New Ground churches (including thirteen from King's) gathered on 27 - 29 June for the 2014 Leadership Conference, hosted by Mid-Sussex Church, in Burgess Hill.

Great to be with our younger leaders to hear firsthand the New Ground vision and mission for the UK and Europe, and see churches from Italy, Netherlands, Romania and France represented and prayed for during the weekend.  

The outstanding main session teaching from Chris Taylor, Redeemer Church, The Hague , P.J. Smyth from Godfirst Church, Johannesburg, and Dave Holden (leader of New Ground) as well as excellent practical seminars from Andrew Wilson and Simon Elliot can be found on the New Ground website.

Click on the link below to hear about 'Wholehearted Leadership', 'Radical Mission',  'Vision into Action' and other teaching.


Cliff Nelson

Posted by Cliff Nelson