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30th December 2015

Resolve to Read God's Word

As the new year is nearly upon us, common resolutions that people make in the UK include to: get fit, lose weight, reduce drinking, stop smoking and get out of debt.  

As we begin 2016, Psalm One gives us all a fresh invitation 'to delight in God's word' with the promise is that if you 'thrill to God's Word' and 'chew on Scripture day and night' (v2 MSG) your life will be invigorated, enriched and immensely fruitful.  The key to lasting fruitfulness and vitality lies in your relationship with God, enjoying his love and goodness, and being attentive and responsive to his instruction, his words of life.  Even taking one verse a day to think on, or mull over, or speak or sing out can make such a difference in encouraging our hearts and filling our minds with beautuful and healthy truth.

The HTB Bible in One Year App, written by Nicky & Pippa Gumbel, is an excellent resource free to download to help you in your bible reading, why not try it for 2016?

Cliff Nelson

Posted by Cliff Nelson