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Leadership Team

King’s Church is led by a team of elders. Currently these are David Straughton, Cliff Nelson, Ian Ravens, Michael Scott, Errol Breda and Fernando de Paula.  David leads this team and has primary responsibility for preaching and setting the vision of the church.  Together the eldership team is responsible for guiding, governing, and guarding the church.
We also have a wider leadership team of men and women who serve as group leaders, trustees, and ministry team leaders.

Elders & Wives

David & Julie Straughton

David has been in the church since 1987, he began working full-time for the church in October 1995, and has been leading the eldership team since September 2001. He is passionate about building an international church. Married to Julie (who is half-Italian, with her father from Tuscany)they have three adult children. Both David & Julie are involved in New Ground’s work into Italy, and in their spare time they both enjoy gardening and walking, and looking after their beautiful granddaughters.

Errol & Arlene Breda

Errol and Arlene are from Zimbabwe and came to England in the mid eighties. Errol is an engineer and works for the BBC and Arlene is a Dental Hygienist. They have two children, a son of 21 years and a daughter of 19 years. They joined King’s Church around 1998. Errol became an Elder in 2012, he and Arlene are regularly involved in Alpha and other mid-week King’s courses. Errol likes to run and is a keen golfer while Arlene loves to bake and spend time in the garden.

Cliff & Beth Nelson

Cliff and Beth are from London, have two adult children, and they have been part of King’s since 1998. Cliff has worked full-time for the church since 2001, and became part of the eldership team soon after. As well as pastoral and teaching responsibilities, he oversees the Life Groups in the church, and leads a group with Beth. Cliff enjoys reading good books, watching Arsenal and joining Beth on her Saturday morning 5k park runs. Beth enjoys watching period dramas and athletics, and her evening ladies’ running club.

Fernando & Andreia de Paula

Fernando and Andreia are originally from Brazil (Andreia is from the south of Brazil (European side of Brazil) and Fernando from the middle of it; where the country side is). They joined King’s church in October of 2008.  They head up our Connect Team and Andreia also leads worship and helps with the weekly mum’s group in the church. Fernando is a keen writer and blogger who became an elder in 2012. Together they are raising a young family of three.

Ian & Helen Ravens

Ian and Helen have lived in Harrow for many years, they have four adult children and a grandson. They were part of the original church plant in October 1982. Ian is our longest serving elder (appointed in 1989), and he oversees the church finances.  In his spare time he enjoys gardening, and serves as a trustee of the FirmFoundation charity that helps the homeless in Harrow.

Michael & Katie Scott

Michael is from London and Katie is from Sussex (Seaford). They have two children, and have lived in London since 2003, joining the church in 2004. They head up the youth work at Kings and lead a midweek life group, Michael who became an elder in 2012 is also part of the worship team, they both enjoy reading, playing board games, watching action movies and debating over who is the best football team in north London.


Harrow Venue, Morning Meeting

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Harrow Venue, Morning Meeting

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